The Kruckemyer and Cohn Diamond Dash is back for the third year here in Evansville.  Would you like the chance to win a $12,000 diamond ring?

As a WKDQ radio listener, we are always excited to alert you to upcoming events happening in Evansville before being announced to the public.

On Sunday, October 14, Kruckemeyer & Cohn and WKDQ will be hosting The 3rd Annual Kruckemeyer & Cohn Diamond Dash – a one-day, real world treasure hunt through downtown Evansville to win a $12,000 Hearts on Fire diamond ring!

To sign-up for your chance to compete, go to and use the codeword RADIO12.

It’s free to play but spots are limited. By using the above mentioned codeword, you’ll be put into an exclusive pool of applicants, increasing your chances of being selected.

Don’t miss out on the fun – registration ends soon. Go to and sign-up today.

Looking forward to seeing you there!