The senior class of 2020 at Caldwell County High School in Princeton, KY is full of a bunch of cool cats and kittens. Their epic senior prank has gone viral, in a good way. They enhanced their school mascot, the tiger, by adding Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic.

Photo: Caldwell County Government Information

In a letter to the students on the school's website, Principal Christy Phelps notes how unique this class is.

One thing you can always say is you are the most unique group of graduates Caldwell County has ever had! We love you and look forward to celebrating you in the days to come.

Here's what folks are saying about it on social media:

"This is hilarious! Proud Caldwell county moment" - Sinclair Wright LeFors

"This is awesome!!! We all need a laugh. Thanks class of 2020!!!" - Tammy Brasher

"Those Seniors are some cool cat and kittens! Well played class 2020" - Joshua Landacre

"That’s some funny stuff" - Tara Johnson Reichley

"Oh my gosh it’s beautiful" - Hannah Bryant Grace Simmons 

 "I love this sign! It’s awesome for the seniors in Caldwell County Kentucky.. I live in Caldwell County NC and it’s somehow being shared here people thinking it’s Caldwell County NC. I kept looking at the sign and thought I don’t recognize this place so I clicked the link to the page it came from and low and behold it’s Caldwell County Kentucky"  - Dustin Sides

"This is epic. Ah-mazing" - Jessica Allen 

Let's take a closer look at this masterpiece.

Photo: Caldwell County Government Information

Last month in Evansville, Timothy Burklow Jr. wanted to create a fun distraction in his neighborhood, like the happy birthday yard signs, but different. Since he's a huge fan of the Netflix series 'Tiger King', he decided to dedicate a giant sign in his yard to the show.

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