In my graduating class we had one set of twins, Denise and Diana. Pretty cool, right? Not really. One set is nothing compared to a high school in Kentucky, they had ten in the class of 2019.

According to WKYT, Boyle County High School, in Danville KY, just graduated ten sets of twins. The graduating class has 219 students, that rounds out to about 9% of the class being a twin.

  • Zach and Brandon Casey
  • Blake and Michaela Carpenter
  • Micah and Caleb Enlow
  • Ben and Sam Johnson
  • Jeremy and Jordan Jones
  • Josh and Jacob Marin-Bernal
  • Nate andSarah Snyder
  • Bryan and Keith Stocker
  • Jack and Seth Stomberger
  • Kiara and Kyra Thornton


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