For twelve years, our first two pets, Ruby and Bob, have been best friends. We were worried when we found our cat, Bob, at the creek, about whether or not our dog, Ruby, would get along with her. Ruby, typically, wasn't fond of any other female animals. She is an Alpha female and wants no other female in the yard. But, it turns out that Bob was an exception.

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I always wondered, since we are led to believe that dogs and cats can't be best friends, if our pets were an exception. So, I googled some expert opinions.

Can cats and dogs actually be friends?

I came across, that put it this way.

Dogs and cats can form fast friendships. It is life experiences with members of the other species, and not an inborn animosity, that determines how cats and dogs feel about each other. The initial meeting sets the stage for future considerations in the dog/cat relationship.

Then I wondered if it was more of a dominance kind of thing. You know, like a I have to be your friend because I'm scared of you, kind of thing. They were both living in the house, and Ruby is much larger than Bob.

So, I consulted the experts again.

Can cats be happy with dogs?

The pet website,, had this to say,

Vast numbers of dogs and cats get along just fine, either benignly ignoring one another or acting like close friends. They often live together relatively easily despite differences in communication signals and the issue of some dogs viewing cats as prey.
It looks like Ruby and Bob really can be real friends.

Dogs and cats tease just like people do

Now, after twelve years, Ruby and Bob are like a couple of siblings that like to push each others buttons, literally. Watch. LOL

It's all fun and games until your friend goes too far.

All the pets love Ruby. They will snuggle her and sleep with her all the time. Ruby is really just too old to worry about what every other pet in the house is doing, so she just lets it happen. But, she can only take so much.

Cute dogs and cats that are best friends

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