When I was growing up, the search for Bigfoot, or creatures like him, was a thing urban legends are made of. I, myself, was obsessed with anything relating to the search for the elusive and wandering beast.

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Capturing proof of Bigfoot

Many people have looked for Bigfoot, trying to catch a glimpse of him wandering around the woods. Some have actually captured photos and videos of what they believe is a true sighting of Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

While many of the photos and videos have been proven to be fake or altered, sometimes the unexpected sightings have been simply labeled, unexplained.

Something like this happened to Jared Arnett on a recent trip to Lake Cumberland. Whatever he encountered, it was not something he ever expected to see. I'm sure he was like, WTH???? Is that a bear? 

Jared Arnett/Facebook
Jared Arnett/Facebook

What is that on the shore?

Jared let law enforcement know that he had seen something and showed them the photos.

According to The Somerset Insider Facebook page

A Pulaski County man is happy to be safe at home after a scary incident near Lake Cumberland today. Jared Arnett spotted a Bigfoot in the woods and took these amazing photographs of the beast. “At first I thought it was a grizzly bear, but once I got a better look at it I realized it was definitely a Sasquatch.”

Jared Arnett/Facebook
Jared Arnett/Facebook
Jared Arnett/Facebook
Jared Arnett/Facebook
Who knows, maybe Jared did find an actual Sasquatch living in the Tristate, or just a really hairy guy vacationing on Lake Cumberland from the Northeast. You know the guy. LOL
In all seriousness, a big thanks to @jaredarnett on Tiktok for the use of his amazing photos.

Same Bigfoot creature photos

The above is the real story of the weird encounter. But, the same photos, and verbiage, with different areas of the Trisate and individual names, continue to spread like wildfire on social media. even though the photos were taken in 2021.

UPDATE: 4/26/2022

At the time I wrote this article, the below Facebook post contained the same photos and story, with only the names changed, as Jares's post. Now, Zach has completely changed the post into one about fishing lures. The funny thing is, the comments are still about his 'friend's' supposed Bigfoot Sighting in Illinois.

The reason I know the photos weren't his, is because I corresponded with Jared after he posted the photos in 2021. I had to get permission from him to use the photos in an article about them.

The above Facebook post is just one of the many posts I have seen in the last month. Sorry, Zach, Daniel, and all those using the photos to get attention. I had to call you out.

If you are still unsure about the false use of the photos. Look at them, there are leaves on the trees like it's summer. If they were actually taken a couple of weeks ago, the trees would look different. Jared actually took the photos in July of 2021.

A reminder to not believe everything you see on social media

I know it's fun to think that Bigfoot makes his home in the Tristate. How cool would that be if it were true? This Facebook post and those like it are harmless and aren't hurting anyone. But, we should use them as a reminder that some of the things that look too good to be true, on social media, really ARE too good to be true. Don't buy them.


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