I have had a love/hate relationship with Kentucky Basketball as of recent years.  No, I never turn my back on the team.  I'm always a UK fan, there are just times I don't buy into the hype of their methods.  After this year, and more specifically today,  I am convinced that UK is headed back to the promised land.

The one and done method that has plagued UK and other schools is flat out bad for basketball.  Jon Prell shared his opinions on that not too long ago, as well.  I don't hate having world class players at Kentucky, even if it's just for one year, but I do believe the goal of grooming every recruit for the NBA is not the way to go.  Not every college player is ready for the NBA.  Not every NBA player needs to play in college first.

I think Kentucky has proved that in the last four or five years.  No doubt, they've had stellar players, but not always stellar teams.  Guys like Jon Wall and Demarcus Cousins provided great moments at UK, but no national title.  They've gone on to great NBA careers.  Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist played well as a team, and they've also done well in the NBA, plus they scored UK a national title.  Then there were Nerlins Noel and Archie Goodwin...no title, no tourney, and as far as the NBA...nothing yet.

I think the fans, the coaching staff, and the university are turning around.  I think the players are understanding the importance of the college game.  Just today, starter Dakari Johnson announced he's coming back, joining Alex Poythress, Marcus Lee and Willie Cauley-Stein for an amazing front court presence.  I Like it!  I like to get to know these players over the years for better or worse.  That's what UK is all about.  I look back at the Tayshawn Princes or Jeff Shepherds or Walter McCartys of the past and remember their years fondly.  In just a few years I will not even remember the name Archie Goodwin.

I like what these kids are thinking, and I hope the Harrisons follow suit, but even if they don't, I make the bold prediction now that UK gets back to the Final Four in 2015...based on what's known, I can say it.  I would never be like the ESPN and USA Today guys that pick them every year based on their recruiting alone.  The unknown is way more scary as a fan than the thrill of potential.  Good luck Cats, and welcome back to another year young fellas, next year will be fun!

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