Kenny Chesney is doing his part to help the Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma devastated the area earlier this month. CNN reports that the country star helped two brothers reunite with their mother after their childhood home in St. John was destroyed.

Jah-Haile Bruce and Jahbioseh Bruce told a terrifying tale of survival when Irma ripped through their island home. The brothers recount laying on the floor of their shower, fearing for their lives.

“Five minutes later the roof just ripped off our head,” Jah-Haile says in an interview with CNN.

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His brother, Jahbioseh, continues the harrowing tale. “That’s the moment where I was terrified, because I felt like Irma was a spirit. I felt like I saw the hand grab the roof, squeeze it and throw it off into the wind. It was crazy,” he adds.

The two brothers lost everything and were later taken to St. Croix by a private boat sent to pick up evacuees and to deliver supplies. Noting that there's nothing to go back to on St. John, they planned to take a flight to Philadelphia where their mother lives. However, there were no commercial fights available off the island. That's when Chesney stepped in.

At first, the boys learned that an anonymous donor allowed for the use of his private jet to fly the boys to the U.S. At the end of their interview, they found out it was Chesney, who had been using his plane to send water, dog food and supplies to the Islands.

“I don’t even know what to say [other] than thank you,” Jah-Haile says.

In addition to founding the Love for Love City Foundation to benefit those displaced by the storm, Chesney is working on new music and merchandise that will directly benefit hurricane victims.

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