Journey for a Cause is a quest for change. Inspired by 20-year-old, college athlete, Eddie Gill, the water journey addresses and sheds light on a need to change our mindset, a change in how we see each other, how we separate ourselves from each other, and the need to come together as one people.

Eddie's dream is to promote diversity and inclusion within the outdoor adventure community. He wants to get minorities and underserved populations excite about the outdoors; fishing and boating.

When Eddie was younger, he sometimes felt judged for his love and passion for the outdoors and he doesn't want that to happen to anyone else.

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So, Eddie plans to set out, from Evansville, IN, on June 1, 2021, on a 10-day journey that will conclude in Florida. That day, you too can help Eddie's cause by bringing your kids to the downtown Evansville waterfront for a free fishing demonstration before he and his travel mates begin their journey.

9:00 am - Learn to Fish demonstration (all kids are welcome!)
9:30 am - Press conference
10:00 am - Journey begins!
Meet Eddie Gill.

Eddie has teamed up with the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership to make this happen. Thank you to all who worked to make Eddie's dream a reality.

Travis was able to talk to Eddie on the phone. Here is his interview.

I found this video and shared it with Eddie. It is exactly the fishing experience that Eddie wants every child to have.

Thank you, Eddie, for making the world a better place.


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