Jerrod Niemann knew from the get-go that his new single with good friend Lee Brice, "A Little More Love," was an important message to share, but the singer admits the song has become especially timely in light of the tragedies happening recently all across the globe.

"I think it’s a very crazy time in our world and in our country," Niemann tells The Boot. "I’m definitely not somebody who is going to preach to the world how to live their lives or what their answer is, but music is the universal language. Some songs are great at healing, like this current single. Obviously things have gotten much crazier since Lee and I recorded this song, but when we first heard it, Lee was like, ‘Man, this is a message that everybody needs to hear,’ and I agreed."

With lines such as "Make a little more love / Make a little less money / Catch a little more buzz, more buzz / Off a little less honey / Can't have it made there in the shade / When you're workin' all the time / Make a little more love, more love / And be happy for the rest of your life," the light, uptempo tune is meant to be inspirational and encouraging to everyone who hears it.

"What I do like about the song is, it’s not, ‘Hey, live this way, or this way,'" Niemann shares. "It’s, ‘Sometimes the best things in life are in front of you. You don’t need to buy the most extravagant things, or you don’t need to chase everything in a rat race to have a great life.’

"Some of my favorite memories are my childhood in a little dinky town, maybe fishing with my dad and my brother, for instance. All you needed was a pole and a stack of worms, and you’re good to go," he continues. "I think it’s good to get back to the basics in our country."

It was Brice who initially found "A Little More Love." The singer offered it up to Niemann to record solo, then realized that maybe he wanted to record it himself instead. Fortunately, Niemann recently became Brice's labelmate, and the duet was born.

“We always talked about recording music together, so we thought, ‘Why don’t we go do it? Just figure it out?'” Niemann says. “We went old school: We stood in the same room. We used two different mics, but we sang at the same time, like back in the day when you had to. It made it way cooler, I guess, the vibe of being there together and capturing the essence of the hang in the studio.”

Niemann hopes, above all, that the tune can offer a respite from chaos, if only for a few minutes.

"I like using music to help outreach all these people and be a part of their lives, even if inadvertently in some way," he admits. "We’re on this earth, right now, together, and we all should help each other."

"A Little More Love" is available for download on iTunes.

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