Do you pay attention to what's in front of you while cutting the grass - I mean, really pay attention? I'll be honest, when I'm on the ol' John Deere, I usually listen to music or a ball game - I'm not looking down to see what I'm cutting. I assume I'm cutting grass. Sometimes, though, you'll encounter a little something extra in your yard - something that might make you stop and take a closer look. Beth Wilcox, from Wabash County, IN, was cutting her grass when she noticed this alien-looking insect in her grass. We know now that what she saw was a Giant Water Bug.

Giant Water Bug

What is a Giant Water Bug?

The technical name is Lethocerus americanus, but the more common name says it all - it is a giant bug that lives in the water. According to, these bugs "live in freshwater ponds, marshes, and slow-moving pools in streams worldwide. They are typically hidden in mats of vegetation, just under the surface of the water." A different, more terrifying nickname these bugs have earned is "toe-biter." Neat!

Are "Toe-Biters" Dangerous?

Giant Water Bugs are necessarily dangerous to humans. but they have been known to bite us. You're most likely to get bitten on the toe or foot while wading through water, and that would probably only happen if the bug felt threatened. The bite is reportedly very painful but poses no real threat to humans. If looks could kill, though, these things would be considered extremely dangerous. With those big ol' pinchers and big ol' wings - Giant Water Bugs are freaking scary-looking!

If their bite and their frightening appearance weren't enough, another defense mechanism Giant Water Bugs possess is the "ability to squirt unpleasant-smelling fluid from the anus for a few feet." That's another fun fact from

Giant Water Bug

Just How Big are Giant Water Bugs?

I guess the word "giant" means something different to each person. Compared to other "giants" in the world, these bugs are relatively small but compared to other water bugs, they are pretty doggone big. On average, they grow to about 2 inches in length, but they can get as big as 4 inches.

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