Here in Southern Indiana, we take our food news very seriously. Anytime a new restaurant is announced, you can guarantee that the word will spread like hotcakes (Or in this case, cheesecake).

Welcome to The First Day of April - April Fool's Day

There are many different versions of how April Fool's Day came to be. The most popular story comes from France. At some point, they decided that the new year should start on Easter, and not January 1. Well, the date of Easter changes each year with the lunar cycle, so it isn't always the first of April. The folks who originated this new calendar were referred to as 'April Fools'


Watch Out for Social Media Pranks

Not only do we have to be on high alert for any pranksters in our family or workplace, but April Fool's Day fuels all kinds of rumors on social media. There is one April Fool's Joke that hits different if you are one of the hundreds of folks begging for a Cheesecake Factory to open in Evansville, Indiana.


Fact Check: Evansville, Indiana is Not Getting a Cheesecake Factory

Hundreds of Evansville 411 NEWS followers woke up to an exciting announcement, only to find out that is was an April Fool's Joke. I get it, people like pranks, but when you mess around with major restaurant news, you kind of lose some credibility.

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Here is the Post From Evansville 411 NEWS:

Evansville Development: The Cheesecake Factory is expanding to Evansville!

The Cheesecake Factory is planning to build a new location on Evansville's east side at Eastland Mall.
The construction timeframe for The Cheesecake Factory has not yet been released. The Cheesecake Factory is home to a menu that offers over 250 items and over 30 legendary cheesecakes and desserts. Make sure to follow Evansville 411 NEWS and Fingers, Fork, Knife & Spoon Evansville for all the latest development news!

If you have read this far, April Fool's!!!!!!!

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