A couple of weeks ago, I shared a story about Ponderosa Steakhouse. In researching that article, I was disappointed to learn that there was only one Ponderosa left in all of Kentucky and Indiana. However, I quickly became excited when I discovered that the last remaining location in the Hoosier State happens to be situated in southern Indiana. In Vincennes! That's less than a hundred miles from where I am writing this story.

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While my family would occasionally pop into our Ponderosa, our favorite steakhouse was Western Sizzlin. There was a location in my hometown (Owensboro, KY) near the bypass which circled our town. I loved that place!

I have a really fun memory of that particular location too. I remember going there to eat one night with my family before we went to see The Van-Dells play at the Executive Inn's Showroom Lounge. That showroom is gone. So is Western Sizzlin.

That Western Sizzlin was my first introduction to a steakhouse.  Here in Owensboro, it randomly sat adjacent to a Sizzler restaurant, which I thought was a little peculiar. I mean, they were basically the same kind of restaurant, right?  Truth be told though, my loyalties were firmly with Western Sizzlin' and I was definitely Team Western Sizzlin'.  I still am.

About fifteen years ago or so, I got really excited when I stumbled across one of Kentucky's last remaining Western Sizzlin' locations.  My husband and I were visiting Cumberland Falls and we found a Western Sizzlin' in Corbin, Kentucky.  Sure, Corbin's the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken, but I was all about the Western Sizzlin'.  We popped in and had dinner and it was as delicious as I remembered.

Just a couple of weeks ago though, I got some bad news. I asked a Corbin resident if the Western Sizzlin is still there and she said, "No." In fact, there's not a single Western Sizzlin location left in all of Kentucky. There's not one in Indiana either.

That said, if you're a fan like I am (and you don't mind a really long road trip), there are still some Western Sizzlin locations left. There are a bunch of 'em!

There are Western Sizzlin' locations in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Maryland and West Virginia.

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