When I lived in San Diego, California, there was a Jack in the Box restaurant just down the road to the right of my townhouse. If my memory serves me correctly, it was open late at night (maybe even 24 hours) and I used to pop in there after getting off work at the restaurant I worked at in the downtown area. It was quick, convenient, delicious and they offered a wide variety of menu options. At the time, they had these teriyaki bowls that I was crazy over.

Well, decades later, Jack in the Box has FINALLY made it to Kentucky. Their very first location here in the Commonwealth opened just a couple of weeks ago in Louisville at 10700 Dixie Highway. As you can imagine, the opening of the restaurant was highly anticipated and there was basically a stampede to be one of the first customers inside and at the drive-thru window.

WDRB, a Louisville TV station, celebrated the arrival of Jack in the Box with a fun trip through the drive-thru.

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Response to the arrival of Jack in the Box has been, well, insane!

Gilbert Corsey, who lives in Louisville, attempted to visit on September 24th. He posted this.

UNREAL: Louisville gets its first Jack-in-the-Box (restaurant) and the line is CRAZY. 1 hour in the drive thru…. like 40 cars deep. They got event security out here.

Well, there's good news for Jack in the Box fans, especially the ones who live in Louisville. Next month, the city's second location is going to be open for business too.

Jack in the Box is set to open at 3232 Bardstown Road.

So, here's my question. When can we expect to see a Jack in the Box in western Kentucky or southern Indiana? There are currently three locations in Indianapolis, but that's all she wrote for the Hoosier State. What's up with that, Jack?  We need you in Evansville and Owensboro!

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