This is the one day every year when more people than any other time will likely be getting assistance riding home. Beware as there is one ride-along scam that could cost you your life in Illinois thanks to a data breach.

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I am very wary of sharing scam warnings I see on social media. This is one of them, but I've done my own research and determined this is based on a real threat. Brandon Bartels lives in Belleville, Illinois based on his Facebook profile. He shared this harrowing warning about something that happened to his girlfriend this summer when she ordered an Uber.

Brandon's story is from this past summer, but the threat is more real on New Year's Eve in Illinois than any other night of the year.

Bit Defender confirms that the Uber data breach is real. Their article says that Uber confirmed "a new data breach after cybercriminals gained access to one of the company’s third-party vendors, Teqtivity, a known tech and IT asset-tracking solution". Security Magazine also shared "lessons learned" after another issue with Uber and third-parties trying to compromise the site and its users.

Consumer Reports says this is not the first time Uber has been hit with an attempt to harm its data.

The fact that there are first-person witnesses saying someone in Illinois has tried to abduct someone just makes it all the more vital that everyone be vigilant especially on New Year's Eve when so many will need assistance getting home safely.

While there's no way to be 100% safe when you're traveling with someone you don't know, it's great when you can get a ride with a friend or share an Uber where you are not alone.

Better safe than sorry.

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