America’s Got Talent returned on Tuesday (June 27), and country music was represented in the form of a young duo called Trailer Flowers.

When Trailer Flowers first took the stage, they offered up a unique take on Luke Bryan’s "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)." While the energy was high and the two women looked to be having a blast on stage, something wasn’t quite right. Judge Simon Cowell quickly picked up that the pair might do better with a different song, and asked if they had a second option.

Trailer Flowers ditched Bryan's hit, and instead launched into an original song that helped them channel their energy into something a little more serious that better showcased their true talent. That second choice of song earned a better reaction from both the audience and the panel of judges. At the close of their audition, Sofia Vergara stated that the women have a "beautiful voice," a sentiment that Heidi Klum echoed, also praising their ability to harmonize.

Klum expanded on her feedback to liken Trailer Flowers' friendship to that of her and Vergara's. Klum further applauded the duo for each acting as a support system to the other member.

Howie Mandel was met with audience criticism when it seemed like he was going to offer less than stellar feedback to the young hopefuls. While he said that the women were “good,” he elaborated that the AGT judges are seeking “great” talent.

When it was time to vote, Mandel declined to send the pair on to the next round and instead voted "no." Thankfully for Trailer Flowers, the rest of the judges endorsed their performance, and they advanced in the competition.

Other acts of the night included a family of singers, a skilled dog, an acrobat and a breakdancing mom. America’s Got Talent airs throughout the summer on Tuesday nights at 8PM ET on NBC.

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