It was one of those super feel-good days. USSR hockey team rolled into the 1980 winter Olympics in Lake Placid New York ready to crush everything in their path. It was February 22, 1980 when an upstart American team patched together from a bunch of college amateurs met the mighty Russian Juggernaut in a semi final game.

The USSR team had not been beaten in 16 years, winning the gold medal at the last four  Olympics. But on that wonderful afternoon 40 years ago the USA team brought the youngest hockey team ever to the ice and miraculously out-skated the  older and much more experienced Russians 4-3 to win the semis. The Americans went on a couple of days later to take the gold with a win over Finland, but almost everyone who watched the USA-USSR match recalls only that upset.

Do you remember how great it felt to see the Americans get the gold? It was the biggest upset in sports history. It was truly the "Miracle On Ice".

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