Remember when Thomas Rhett's song, 'Beer with Jesus,' was first released, the song caused some country music fans to take offense.

Thomas Rhett had to address those who are questioning his morals and views concerning alcohol and religion. And, in our opinion, he shouldn't have to because having a beer with Jesus is OK!!

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We live in a society where we are constantly judged by others about our gender, age, race, weight, sexual preference, parenting etc. And, in most cases, those who are judging either don't have all the facts or they like to argue, just for the sake of arguing because they are full of BS.

We have to admit, though, when we first heard the name of the song, we thought, 'Didwe just hear that right? Nooooo.... couldn't have. That's a crazy title for a song.' We then really LISTENED to the song, REALLY listened and found it to be very touching and spiritual. It actually brought tears to our eyes. There isn't a verse in the song that isn't delivered with the up most respect for Jesus AND religion.

I (Leslie) am a Catholic, a Christian, who believes that love and forgiveness is what Christianity is all about. Christians should NEVER judge. It is against all that Jesus represents. He taught and shared love and forgiveness with everyone he met. He also shared wine, even made his own wine out of water. [John 2:1-11]



Alcohol (wine) was a staple in social gatherings. These gatherings weren't like drunken family reunions where your uncle drinks too much and ends up falling asleep in a ditch. By breaking bread, drinking wine and talking, these gatherings were how people communicated with each other.

Today, we gather do the same things at restaurants and bars. We eat and maybe have a beer. It's OK to have a beer. Jesus never said NOT to drink beer or any alcohol. Where religion got the idea that you couldn't responsibly have a drink, we have NO idea. Thomas Rhett has taken the idea of actually sitting down with Jesus to a modern day level. The song is a lesson, not in what to ask Jesus, but what to ask ourselves. Like, how DO you turn the other cheek? Can you? Have you?

WE should praise Thomas Rhett for mentioning Jesus in a beautiful country song that we would even stand up and sing at church. Yes, WE would!!

Sometimes, we are SO self-absorbed that we don't feel like anybody else has anything to teach us. We jump at the first sign of possible controversy because it makes us feel better about ourselves. If you had the opportunity to sit down with Jesus, what would you ask him? And more importantly, would you really listen to what He said?

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