Hello all! I am an intern here at Townsquare Media and will be working here throughout the course of the summer. I love working at Townsquare so far, and I can't wait to see what I will experience during my remaining time here. To be completely candid, this is an assignment in which I am supposed to introduce myself. Even though it is an assignment, I thought we could at least have some fun with it! I have decided to share with you 5 interesting facts about myself so you can get to know me!

5 Facts About Maddie

Here are visuals of 5 fun facts that can help you get to know me!

If you read all of these facts, I love you and you are a champ! Throughout the summer, you may see me around at some events or hear me as a guest on one of Townsquare's radio stations! I love meeting new people, so please say hi if you see me!


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