We all know that police work is very dangerous and, that police officers need to split second decisions that could be the difference between life and death. We took an inside look at one of the tools that the Evansville Police Department uses to train its officers.

Every officer had the potential to find them selfs in a life or death situation, so one of the goals the EPD has is to train its officers on when and how to use deadly force. We were able to tag along with Police Billy Bolin when he went for his yearly test on the EPD's indoor shooting simulator.

In this test, The Chief was on the scene of an active shooter in a school.

In this next video, Chief Police must stop a fleeing suspect.

Again the training does try officers in real life situations. Dave the Q Crew Radio Show had a chance to test his mettle against the maching...see how he did!

The Evansville police department has all sort of resources to make sure their officers are prepared for anything that may happen on a call. You can see it all too! They offer a FREE Citizen's academy that shows what the department is all about.

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