Doesn't this sound amazing!! I think it even sounds kinda futuristic and very cool, I mean HOT! LOL

Not that I'm a fan of heat, Menopause gives me enough, but I AM a fan of stretching and moving while burning calories. Looks like there is a waiting list already!

Although they offer many ways to up your fitness game, let's focus on yoga. So, what is Infrared Sauna Yoga? Is it any different from HOT yoga?

The answer is YES, they are very different.

This is what the Infrared Sauna does to the body even before you h=add the health befits of yoga.

Combine the two and you have a winning combo for health, wellness and fitness.

I signed up to be on the waiting list!! I signed my husband up too! Couples Infrared Yoga!!

Get more info on HOTWORX here!!

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