A young woman was busted after stealing a car from a dealership to drive over an hour to a job interview to be an exotic dancer.

The 20-year-old Muncie woman couldn't understand what the big deal was.  She had to get to a job interview in Indianapolis, so she did what anyone would do.  She stole a car.  The suspect, Kasia Shelton, came into a Muncie car dealership and asked to test drive a 2013 Kia Optima on the lot according to Fox 59,

The employee had been preparing the car for a test drive but said the phone kept ringing (and that no one was ever on the other end of the line when he answered). The employee reportedly told Shelton to wait a moment while he answered the phone yet again, but Shelton allegedly drove off in the Kia.

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Not only did local law enforcement have traffic video of the suspect heading to Indianapolis but they also got a strange confession according to reports. The suspect didn't understand why she was in trouble because she allegedly used the car to get a job interview and then returned it hours later.  Her idea of returning the car was leaving it in a mall parking lot near the dealership with the keys still inside.

The suspect was arrested and charged with two felonies: auto theft and identity deception.  There's no word on if she got the job.

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