I don't know about you but the world feels like a heavy place some days. We see jarring headlines and divisive posts on social media and it can be really overwhelming. It seems like there is a disproportionate amount of bad news and it can leave us questioning our faith in humanity.

We see all too often about the police officers who do not have any business with a badge. They exist. They make headlines and rightfully so. But more often than not, when an officer does something extraordinary - or even just ordinary, like change a tire - it goes unreported. It goes undocumented and it goes unnoticed.

That is why posts like the one I saw today from the Evansville Police Department are so important. This particular post made me stop and it made me smile, restoring some of that faith in humanity. And it is that restoration of faith that has be sharing it here with you now.

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After leaving the 100th West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, some local citizens arrived at their car to find that they had a flat tire. Not the end of the world and certainly no emergency. I mean, flat tires happen all the time and most of us either get out the jack and get to work changing it or we call roadside assistance if we have it. But these local residents did not have to do either of those two things...

Not when Sergeant Brown and Detective Lewis of the Evansville Police Department are around. These two members of the local PD got down and dirty, jumping right in to change the flat tire. According to the post,

After leaving the Fall Festival yesterday afternoon, a few citizens came back to their parking spot to find they had a flat tire. Sgt. Brown and Detective Lewis jumped right in to help fix their flat!

While not as dramatic as many of the reports we hear involving police officers, this one is certainly impactful, reminding us that not only are there still good people in this world, willing to help others but that there are still good police officers too. So to Sergeant Brown and Detective Lewis, we say, thank you for your service to our city and our community.

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