If you're thinking about getting a live Christmas tree this year, you might want to visit this Indiana Christmas tree farm.

For years, my family has always put up artificial Christmas trees. However, over the past few years, I have been putting some thought into going with a real Christmas tree in the living room. Something about the way that the pine and fir trees smell, just makes it feel like Christmas, even when the weather outside doesn't. Every time I think about getting a real tree, I always picture myself as Clark Griswold and going all out picking the perfect tree...which ultimately was a major fail.

Now, I know that I wouldn't go that crazy with finding the perfect tree, but I think that I would want to go somewhere that I know will be getting the best options. As it turns out, there is one Christmas tree farm here in Indiana that was recently named one of the nation's best. Sounds like I might have found the place to go for that perfect tree!

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Indiana is Home to One of the Best Christmas Tree Farms in the U.S.

As you know, there are so many places in Indiana where you can go to pick out your Christmas tree each year. However, only one of those places landed on Yelp's Top 25 Christmas Tree Farms List in 2023. That honor goes to Dull’s Tree Farm in Thorntown, Indiana.

According to Yelp:

Dull’s Tree Farm has been planting trees on their family’s land since 1985. They have several pine and fir trees available, ranging from 6’ to 9’ tall.

Opening day for the 2023 Christmas Tree Season at Dull's Farm is November 24th. You can learn all about Dull's Farm by clicking here.

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