I'm no stranger to Northern Indiana. My boyfriend, in college, lived in Anderson, IN, and my little sister moved to Elkhart, IN to take her first teaching job. I've made many trips to the Northern part of the Hoosier state and I always thought, other than the Parke County area, it was primarily flat landscape. That's until I discovered France Park, just outside of Logansport, in Cass County IN. It's anything BUT flat and boring. It's amazing.

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France Park is a County Park that encompasses over 500 acres of great hiking terrain, lake quarries, a beach, and a campground. what's crazy is that I would never imagine this park exists. If I were to guess I would say it had to be located in Southern Indiana or eastern Kentucky. It blows my mind to think I drove by this beautiful park, every time went to visit my sister =, and had no idea the park or lake existed.

I'm not alone. As I read through some of the comments on a recent visitor post in an Indiana Hiking Facebook group, many locals say that it's the best-kept secret. So, if you decide to make a trip to the Northern half of Indiana and check or this park and lake, you will feel like you have it all to yourself. From the photos Fred took, it looks totally peaceful and relaxing. But, if you want to relax and have some adventure, you will find that too.

Discover The Beauty Of France Park

The park is a little know gem of Indiana swimming, fishing, hiking and scuba diving fun.

France Park also offers camping.

[SOURCE: co.cass.in.us]

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