Everyone knows that you shouldn't litter. It's against the law. One Indiana driver found them self in a pretty "crappy" situation after littering on the highway.

Indiana State Police Sergeant Stephen Wheeles tweeted out something that happened to him recently that has gotten a lot of attention social media.

A driver was driving on I-65 in Johnson County and tried to dispose of a dirty diaper by throwing it out the window. Apparently the driver didn't notice that there was a State Trooper behind their car. However, Sgt. Wheeles had a hard time not noticing the driver ahead of him littered, as the dirty diaper landed on the trooper's car!

You can't make this up!

Talk about bad karma, right? Needless to say, the driver received a ticket for littering...but no word yet on if the driver had to clean the dirty diaper debris off of the trooper's vehicle.

Moral of the story: Don't get yourself into some deep "do-do" by littering. Especiially in front of an officer. It won't have a pleasant outcome.

Source: CNN


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