Dogs can be so funny. Just when we think that we have the upper hand and have outsmarted them, they show us that they are just as funny and smart as we are.

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Sometimes, I feel like if my dogs could speak, they would give me the business. Both dogs have distinct personalities with a range of emotions. Their cute faces and funny senses of humor make me love them even more.

While searching for a video for another article, I came across this gem. Josey Lynn proves that she can only be teased so much before she gets the ultimate revenge.  She knew exactly how to get her teaser back.

According to the wife/dog mom, from Charlestown, Indiana, who posted the video to Viral Hog, this is how it all played out.

My husband, Adam, and I were kicked back to watching TV after a long day. Our 3-year-old Belgium Mal, Josey Lynn was actually napping when her dad decided to start antagonizing her. In this video, Josey Lynn has had it with Adam. He loves to antagonize her knowing that she snaps at him at a certain point. I had warned Adam that she was getting irritated with him snapping the lid on the can. He continued to aggravate her so I turned on my camera just in time for her to finally reach her breaking point.

This is so funny.

I've watched this video so many times. See they know a lot more than they let on.

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