The story of Elvis has been told many times, but nothing quite compares with Baz Luhrmann's interpretation of the King's life. Although I have yet to see the movie, the director is one of my top three directors of all time.

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Elvis won the summer 2022 box office battle

The batle between Elvis and Top Gun: Maverick was a close one. But, the fans made their choice at the box office. According to USA Today,

<em>Elvis</em> has won its box-office danceoff with "Top Gun: Maverick." After the two films reported the same ticket sales Sunday, Monday's final numbers has "Elvis," alone, as king of the weekend. "Elvis" ultimately grossed $31.1 million from Friday to Sunday, according to Warner Bros.' final figures Monday. [June 27, 2022][/pullquotes]

Baz Luhrmann has a secret weapon

When Baz Luhrmann directs a movie with his wife as costume designer pure magic happens on screen. The two of them have an increcible artistic vision that encomapsses every deatil of their films. His wife, Catherine Martin is an Academy Award-winning costume designer and production designer.

One call changed everything for a Southern Indiana business

After making Elivis costumes for Elvis inpersonators all over the world, Hollywood came a'callin'. B&K Enterprises worked wth the very best in Hollywood to recreate the iconic costumes that Elvis was most known for.

According to Indie Wire,

(Catherinr) Martin and her team collaborated with Kim and Butch Polston of <b>B&amp;K Enterprises</b> in Charlestown, Indiana, who faithfully recreated Presley's '70s stage costumes...

Television station WDRB interviewd Kim and Butch about how they began making Elvis costumes and how it felt to see them on the big screen.

Take a look a the trailer for Baz Lurmann's Elvis.

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