Being a police officer can be a very stressful job, and with reductions in forces and fewer officers working the streets, many police officers are being asked to do more with less. This leads to a very overworked force.

According to the website, both Kentucky and Indiana rank in the Top 10 for over-worked police forces.

The website said this about Kentucky which ranked #4 most over-worked:

"Kentucky had the 32nd most crimes per capita for violent and property crime (29.44) in 2014. And each officer was in charge of about 297 people. Suffice to say, its officers were pretty busy single-handedly addressing an average 18.07 crimes. Part of why Kentucky police officers were so busy could be because of the fact that there were much less violent crimes per cop compared to the amount of property crimes (2.53 to 26.91) in 2014. During this study, we found a positive correlation between more violent crimes and more police officers, so since Kentucky’s violent crime is relatively low, that could explain why it has fewer officers doing more work."

Indiana came in at #10

"For every 294 people in Indiana, there is one police officer (as of 2014). That’s why in 2014, each police officer had to handle an average of 13.76 violent and property crimes. That means the state’s nearly 12,000 law enforcement employees had to share the load of the 435,298 total crimes. While Gary and Indianapolis are two of the top three most dangerous cities in Indiana, police officers kept busy throughout the state."

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