Growing up in the country, hunting was just a part of life. My dad has always been a hunter and he would have taken me if he hadn't thought I would be talking too much in the deer stand. It's just something you do, boys ad girls, from generation to generation.

Deer Hunting Starts Early

I can remember my dad getting up really early, in the middle of the night, to head out to a secluded wooded area where he would sit in his deer stand and wait for his target to walk by. The REALLY early part was another reason I really never wanted to tag along. Oh, the irony when you think about how early I wake up every day to do my job now. If only the morning show could start at about 10 am.

One Tiny Fawn, Changed His Mind

One Indiana hunter has pretty much stopped hunting all together because of a fawn he found alone, with only her sibling by her side in the woods.

Steve's Story

Lady was in the woods for 3 days hollering for her mother with her twin sister, that didn't make it. We went and got both of them. Their mother was found dead a day later.

Lady has been around 3 yrs now and has brought back 2 sets of twins in the last 2 yrs. I keep an orange color on her in hopes of no hunters will shoot her.

We had hunters come and talk about seeing her in the woods and her coming up to their stand and introducing herself.
I've hunted since I was 12 yrs old and have pretty well given it up since lady has been around.

Lady Has Become a Part Of The Family

If Steve sees her outside, he just calls for her, and she comes trotting up to the house.

Lady Comes To Visit

Watch her salute the flag, play with the family cat, and bring her deer friends to visit her adopted family. She also gets some good pets before she leaves.

Lady is free to come and go as she pleases. She's like a friendly neighbor. I put together a photo gallery of how Lady became a part of their family. Take a look.

Orphaned Deer Befriends Indiana Man and Becomes Part Of His Family

Lady met Steve as a tiny fawn and as she grew, so did her love for Steve and his family.

 Remember Bubbles The Raccoon?

I first met Steve and his wife, Carla, when I wrote about the raccoon that hangs out with them. I swear Steve is Dr. Doolittle.

Raccoon Raised By An Indiana Family Is Now A Part Of The Family

An orphaned baby raccoon stumbles across a family that changes his life.

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