Finally, finally, finally, someone thought up an idea to fix one of Apple's stupidest iPhone problems. 

Ok, here my out.

You have this phone right. It's such a smart phone... it's even called a smartphone. But some of the ways it send you alerts are just not so smart.

Sure, you get notified when you get a new message on Instagram, when someone else attempts to sign into your Twitter account, you even get an alert when you should probably start thinking about going to sleep.

But, what about when you get a text message?

Bing! (ok, most of us have our phones on silent... so forget the bing, it's more like... vibe!)

There, the alert is sent, and you have a text message.

Then two minutes later, you get bing/vibed again?

That's stupid.

Illinois woman and local digital content producer, Hannah Carter has the answer.

'What do they think I'm doing now that I wasn't doing two minutes ago?' Two minutes is NOT enough time to need a re-notification.

She's not just a regular joe-shmoe, she actually researches this stuff and led me to read about why Apple chose to use a nine minute snooze option instead of something more traditional like a five or ten minute alarm reminder. 

So why a two minute text re-vibe?

We don't know.

The internet has no literature on this choice, just a ton of articles teaching you how to disable the feature, since everyone on the planet agrees with Hannah that there is NO need for a two minute reminder.

You know what I'd like to see? A 30 minute reminder, or even an hour really. Or a 'mark unread' text option so if you open someone's message and don't have time to respond you can get to it later.

C'mon, Apple, Hannah will help you! Fix this!

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