Just recently realized that I am more of a Nomad than I thought I was, always wanting to roam and explore and move from place to place.

One of the activities that gives me a lot of joy is exploring local neighborhoods, especially in a city or village I've never been to. Just driving around with no actual destination to see where I end up is what I usually do when I'm in a new town.

During my nomadic journeys, I've discovered some of the coolest roads and streets around the country. One of my all-time favorite streets is way out in the Wild, Wild, West of Montana.

Zimmerman Trail photo by Johnny Vincent
Zimmerman Trail photo by Johnny Vincent

Zimmerman Trail in Billings, Montana is windy and narrow and gives you some of the best views of several mountain ranges and some spectacular sunsets during the drive up or down from the bluffs that are called "The Rims."

Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent

But, for a Cubs fan, no road or street gives me chills when I walk down it like Clark Street in Wrigleyville, Chicago. When it's game day, there's no energy and buzz like that crowd covered in Cubbie Blue just outside the iconic Wrigley Field marquee.

According to a new ranking in Architectural Digest of the 71 Most Beautiful Streets in the World, these are the streets in the U.S. that made the Top 51.

5. The intersection of Washington and Water Street in Brooklyn, New York.

locals and tourists alike can take in the majestic beauty of the longest bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn

33. Lombard Street in San Francisco, California

Tourists often gather to watch as drivers make their way through the hairpin turns

35. Acorn Street in Boston, Massachusettes

One of the most photographed in the whole city—perhaps because it’s a stylish rendition of Colonial Boston.

37. Colorado Avenue in Telluride, Colorado

original two- and three-story flat roof structures still line many streets.

38. Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida

Parallel to the Atlantic, and backed by a charismatic history that makes the colorful street even more appealing to visitors (and even locals too).

40. DuSable Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, Illinois

With the towering skyline on one side and the shore of Lake Michigan on the other.

42. Royal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana

Antique shops, art galleries, and hidden courtyards abound on Royal Street, which runs parallel to the livelier Bourbon Street.

50. Bull Street in Savannah, Georgia

flanked by everything from a historic 1940s theater to a vintage bookshop.

51. Central Park West in Manhattan, New York

a trip down the iconic avenue will have you passing an impressive collection of late-19th- and early-20th-century architecture styles

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