Growing up in the very early 2000s, I can only vaguely remember when restaurants had smoking areas. However, I can confirm that I never saw a monkey decide to light one up before or after enjoying a meal or cup of coffee. I know that's something abnormal, but it's worth mentioning as, apparently, it's not unheard of.

There is a law in one Indiana city that prohibits humans from forcing a monkey to take up the bad habit. Anti-smoking laws are not new, but I'll admit, this one had me baffled, mainly because you would think it would be a no-brainer. So, what exactly happened in order for lawmakers to act? Let's take a look.

The city in question is none other than the home of Notre Dame Fighting Irish football: Southbend, Indinana. According to the History Collection, a law was passed in the state of Indiana around 1924 that denounced smoking in public areas. A performing chimpanize, however, was later caught smoking in Southbend as part of his act. He was arrested and fined five dollars. However, monkeys don't usually carry cash, so the responsibility eventually fell on the animal's owner. Thus, local officials decided that, in order to avoid seeing similar cases in the future, they would pass an ordinance making it illegal to force a monkey to smoke. Pretty wild, right?

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I believe it's important to note that chimpanzees are actually considered apes, not monkeys. According to Chimp Haven, chimpanzees don't have tails and are much larger than an average monkey. Therefore, they fall into the category of great apes, like gorillas and orangutans. That being said, one has to wonder how the original law was worded and whether or not the law applies to apes or just monkeys. Also, does the law apply to just cigarettes, or are cigars exempt? Regardless, I highly recommend keeping them both away from any animals.

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