My jaw hit the ground! I caught an ADULT stealing my candy!! 

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I'm lucky to live in a neighborhood that has a TON of trick-or-treaters. Because of this reason I love to go all out for Halloween. This year I had lights up on my house, a cauldron FULL of candy, and even a blue pumpkin filled with Halloween treats for kids with allergies (Halloween kazoos, spider rings, monster glasses etc...).

Well when our best friends came by with their kiddos to trick-or-treat, my husband and I were excited to walk around the neighborhood and see what it's like for Halloween.  I left the cauldron on my porch with a sign that said "out trick-or-treating please enjoy!" and on my blue pumpkin bucket I wrote "for friends with allergies! Enjoy a toy!"

When we got home I noticed ALL the candy and ALL the toys were GONE. I thought "holy moly how many trick-or-treaters came by?!"  So I decided to check my smart doorbell, and I was stunned at what I saw.

You see I have one of those smart doorbells that connect to an app on my phone. It's got a camera, and it alerts me anytime there's motion at the door. So I checked and our motion detector only went off twice.  What I caught made me furious!

Listen closely to the video (I put a filter over it to darken it because I didn't want the kids to be visible, as they're not my kids, and also they didn't do anything wrong) but listen to what the kids say VS what the adult says:


I caught some kids looking at the candy and one says "I'll take 2 pieces" then you hear another say "yeah I'll take two pieces" BUT THEN you hear AN ADULT say "3...4...5...take the whole bucket" and then you hear them dumping both buckets into their bags.

I was shocked, and it really frustrated me! Here's the thing, if it had just been kids taking all the candy, or even teenagers I would have probably laughed it off and been like "what a buncha turds!" but no big deal. But this really annoyed me because the kids were the ones who said "I'll take 2 pieces" and then an adult, told them otherwise.

At the end of the day is this a big deal? No, it was candy I was going to hand out anyways (even though I pride myself on getting the good stuff like Twix, Snickers, 3 Muskateers, etc..).  But is this something really annoying to me?  Absolutely!

And let this be a lesson, don't be dishonest because you never know who could be watching (like my doorbell for instance)!


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