I'm sure we've all owned a pet who had a unique fear of something in particular.  I know that my dog is terrified of the vacuum and our stuffed chef that hangs on the wall in kitchen.  Yet, there is one day every year that usually terrorizes all pets just the same:  July 4th.  I can honestly say that I've never seen an animal sit back and enjoy a nice, big fireworks show.  That's why the Vanderburg Humane Society has taken a stand to protect our pets this Fourth of July.

Did you know that nationally, the first business day following July 4th is the busiest day at animal shelters for lost and found pets?  “The thunderous noise from firework displays often frightens and disorients pets, and as a result they will often bolt from their owners or yard trying to get away from that noise," says VHS PR Coordinator Sydney Long. “Even the most social, easy going pets are often affected.”

On average, the VHS receives 3 times the normal amount of calls for lost pets following this explosive holiday.  When fireworks begin, dogs have been known to jump fences, dig out of their yards, break chains, and even bust through glass windows because of their wild fear.

So, in order to try and avoid terrorizing your pets and possibly even losing them, make sure you leave your pet  inside your air-conditioned home this Fourth, confined to a crate or safe area where they cannot destroy contents of your home or harm themselves.  If your pet’s anxiety is serious, contact your veternarian in advance to discuss ways to alleviate their fear and anxiety.

If you decide that you want to try and take your pet out this July 4th, remember that pet identification is a necessary factor in ensuring your pet’s safe return just in case it does go missing. A proper-fitting collar, ID tags, and microchip will greatly increase your chances of getting your beloved pet back home safely and promptly.  Make sure that all of your contact information is up-to-date.

So remember this Fourth of July, if you have a safe place in your home to leave your pet, please do so to save them the anxiety of the explosions and you the possible anxiety of a lost pet.

Please have a safe and fun-filled Independence Day!

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