Need a ride? Uber is now in Evansville!! If you are unsure or confused about how Uber works, it's basically this, starts with you Uber trip pickup location and ends at your destination. Let us help walk you through the in-between steps.

According to, here are the steps to help you get the ride you need!

First you must have the Uber app. Go HERE to download the app.

1.  Enter your pickup location by doing one of these:
- you can move the map to drop your pin on a location
- type the exact address or select the address from search results

2. Tap the black SET PICKUP LOCATION bar. One of the most asked questions about Uber is, 'How long will it take for the car to arrive?' Well, tapping the black pick up location bar gives an estimated time of arrival for a driver who accepts your ride request.

3. Tap the enter destination to choose where you would like to go. Note that you can enter your destination anytime before or after requesting a ride. You can also change your destination at anytime.

4. Tap request at the bottom of your screen. If surge is in effect, your app will notify about current surge pricing. You may need to agree to this surge pricing before you can request a ride.

5. When your driver accepts your request, your map will display the driver’s location. estimated time of arrival and driver’s name, vehicle make and model, and license plate number. If you need to communicate with your driver you will also be offered options to text or call them. The app will also notify you about one minute before the driver arrives. Make sure you’re at the exact pickup location that you entered on the app. If you aren't, you might miss your ride.

6. When your driver arrives, you need to verify each other's names and check that you've entered your preferred destination in your app.

7. When you arrive at your location, make sure you take all of your belongings with you when you exit the car. Your payment account is then charged automatically and a receipt is emailed to you.

For additional options for your Uber ride, click HERE!!


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