The big eclipse is happening in less than a week away and in the tri-state we are in a great area for viewing it. You won't want to miss this once in a lifetime event, but you definitely want to make sure you don't damage your eyes in the process.  


Sun eclipse

Many optometrists have expressed concern with the type of glasses you use to view the eclipse. The reason being your eyes can suffer severe damage from the sun even when the sun is partially eclipsed.

So make sure your eyes are protected. NASA has great guidelines to make sure your eyes are protected. They even teach you how to properly care for your eclipse glasses, and what to look for when purchasing eclipse glasses.

According to NASA you need to make sure your eclipse glasses are compliant with the  ISO 12312-2 safety standard. If you look on the inside of your glasses behind the earpiece it should say that they are compliant with the ISO safety standard (see visual here)

The last I checked, Lowes, Walmart, the Evansville Museum and Nick Nackery all had eclipse glasses but were running short, so call before you make the trip to purchase them!



Happy Eclipse viewing!

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