Every guy wishes he had a built-in radar to detect where all the single ladies are, at a given time. Since Apple hasn't created such a device,us men (college boys) rely on W.O.M. to help us out. Whats W.O.M, you ask? First of all, thanks for asking, secondly it is Word Of Mouth. Which, when you think about it is kind of weird to put ladies and mouth in the same paragraph, but nevermind that.  

      Guys tend to rely on other guys  for the whereabouts of the ladies... Hey Ryan, Where the ladies at? "Umm I don't know...I'm just going to the bar, want to go with me? Hopefully you can see  now why this is a bad idea. First off, Ryan didn't come through for his friend and now his friend (you) just got recruited to be the wingman.

    Here's some solutions (in no particular order)

The Internet (No, not Facebook! Don't get me started on why that's a bad idea)


(Ya, that's actually the website)

      With this tool it'll be much, much easier to avoid the dreaded sausage fests and head to the bars packed with inebriated, available women. 

According TechCrunch, the service scans the Foursquare API to track female check-ins based on first names and features "the places that have the most women checking in." San Francisco-only for now, but they'll be branching out to New York, Los Angeles, and hopefully the Tri-State soon. Even better (or creepily), the developers are working on an iPhone app with a friggin compass to point to, er, where the ladies at. Get your creep on!




        I've been dancing for about two years now and let me tell you guys, THERE IS ALWAYS A SHORTAGE OF MEN! The ladies (of all ages) either just don't dance or they will pair up with other ladies (not as hot as you may think) because there is not enough guys to go around. What's up with this?

     You have a few options when it comes to dancing in the Tri-State, all of which are just crawling with women that you get to touch without having to take them out to dinner first.

I've been a member of this club the longest and I would deffinitely recommend this to any beginners.  It's at Main Gate Bar & Grill on main street every Thursday night from 7:00 to 7:30 providing beginning dance lessons. The dance starts after the lesson and ends at 10:00 pm. The cost is only $5 or $3 with a valid college id. The great thing is, No dance experience or partner is required! Just bring your friends or come alone and hook up with a lady!

This is another great place expecially if you have an interest in learning how to line dance.  They meet at Stoney's (NW Riverside Dr) every Wednesday at 7pm with open dancing starting at 7:30pm until 10pm.

Don't think i'm leaving out those of you in Henderson. The Dance Hall is the place for you. Located at 1401 E. Powell Street, they teach all kinds of dance styles including western dance on fridays! The dancing strats at 7pm and lasts until 10pm. They teach other classes throughout the week. You can find the schedule here.

Well there you have it guys! No reason why you shouldn't be hitched by the end of this week. Keep a look out for more "How To's" in the future. Until then... Happy Hunting!

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