I've  never been a person who has had a "green thumb" in fact I'm the exact opposite of that, I have a red thumb...or a no thumb, because that's how bad I am at keeping plants alive. In fact one time I killed marigolds which is apparently no easy task. But now that I have a house that I have to keep looking nice, I feel I should learn to take care of my plants. 

I bought a house back in November, and the best part about buying a house in November, is you have no idea what is hiding under your landscaping! I'm learning I have daffodils, and other flowers I can't pronounce, and even a Bradford Pear! But the snow today murdered all my pretty flowers, and I'm not sure how to fix this!

Here's a quick video I made showing you my poor lifeless flowers

So how do you keep your flowers happy and healthy and not dead??

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