I'm personally a huge fan of horror movies,  and I think part of the fun of watching a horror movie is wondering how you'd react if you were in the main character's shoes.  There's one movie franchise though that freaked me out, and really stuck with me just because of the theme of the movies, and that's The Purge series.  Something about a dystopian society, and the thought of a night where crime is legal just freaks me out.  From the masked maniacs trying to break down your door, to the fact that emergency services are suspended, it's just one of those movies where the theme of it always stuck with me.

Escape Evansville is a local escape room business, and now they're testing out your ability to escape with a themed escape room called "The Perge."  It opens Thanksgiving weekend.

We're almost done with the NEW Perge Escape Game where all you have to do is survive until morning to escape! Think you and your group can last, think again. Coming Thanksgiving weekend!


I have always enjoyed escape rooms. They're kind of like board games coming to life.  You have a goal, and you have to tear through the rooms to put together clues to solve the mystery and "escape."

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