Themed photoshoots are amazing ways to personalize and show your love in unique and artistic ways. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of covering several of them. But, I think this one, might be my favorite. The couple is breathtaking and the photographers are incredibly talented.

The Couple - Jake and Sarah

When I talked to Neeley Photography they said that what made this photoshoot perfect was the couple! They have known Jake and Sarah (The Bride and Groom of the shoot) for years! They went to High School together. Knowing Jake since middle school, they met Sarah later. Neeley Photography was actually their wedding photographer.

How The Couple Met

Jake and Sarah met in the choir and theater programs at Castle. They were both cast in the musical  Grease back in 2011. Two years later they were both in the same mixed Show Choir, and Castle Knight Sensations.

Sparks Fly

Before Valentine’s weekend, Sarah caught wind that Jake had broken up with his ex. So, she gave him a sweet note, “I’ll be your valentine if you need one,” and things sparked from there.

Soul Mates

Jake and Sarah, both went to Indiana University, got married a month after they graduated, and now have a son. The Drive-In shoot celebrates the 10th anniversary of their meeting during Grease Auditions.

This shoot was a dream shoot of mine! It has been one of those shoots that I have been thinking about doing for the last 3 years. I really wanted to capture that summer love, feel. Grease and Happy Day's were a large inspiration for this shoot. We especially wanted to really capture the look of the '50s and '60s. This is why we put the effort into choosing a tea-length dress, the retro hairdo, and the old-fashioned car. - Neeley Photography 

Take a look at the beautiful Drive-In Photoshoot at the Holiday Drive-In, in Reo, Indiana.

Indiana Couple Celebrates Anniversary with Retro 'Love At The Drive-In' Photoshoot

Neeley Photography is comprised of myself, Bree Neeley, and Jesse Reising, and we have been running our business together since we were Juniors in High School. It started 9 years ago, when we had a friend who couldn't afford senior photos, so we took them for the fun of it and posted them to Facebook. We shoot just about everything! The things we shoot most are Weddings, Engagements, Proposals, Seniors, Families, Maternity, Holiday, and Fantasy Sessions. We also do a lot of company team-ups, which is what this drive-in shoot was! 

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