The downtown historic Newburgh area is growing and they are looking for a new executive director! Do you have a passion for Newburgh? See if you qualify!

Executive Director Opening

Historic Newburgh, Inc. is seeking a new Executive Director. If you are interested or know someone who is, share this page with them and have them contact

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (full time position)

The Executive Director coordinates the daily activities of Historic Newburgh, Inc. (HNI).  The director is responsible for the development, conduct, execution and documentation of HNI.  The Executive Director is the sole staff person responsible for coordinating all program activities and volunteers, as well as representing HNI at the local, state and national level.  The Executive Director is responsible for guiding HNI as its objectives evolve.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Work under the direction of the HNI Board of Directors reporting to the Board President.
  2. Manage or delegate to part time staff and/or volunteers all administrative aspects of HNI including but not limited to database management, budget development, accounting and bookkeeping, purchasing office supplies, administer HNI’s content management website, preparing all reports required by Indiana Main Street and the National Main Street Center, assisting with the preparation of reports to funding agencies, organizational correspondence and volunteer management.  Complete and submit all required state reports, local county reports and permits.
  3. Develop, expand and engage the HNI membership and volunteer base.
  4. Be responsible for the creation and distribution of the HNI e-newsletters, business spotlights, Warrick Standard column, available properties email and other organizational correspondence.
  5. Develop, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, preservation-based economic development strategies that utilize Newburgh’s human and economic resources.  Become familiar with all persons and groups directly and indirectly involved with the downtown.  Assist the Board of Directors and committees in developing annual work plans for implementing the downtown revitalization program focused on the four areas: design/historic preservation; promotion and marketing; organization/management; and economic progress / development.
  6. Write and apply for grants and other financial gifts from local, state and national agencies.
  7. Create and develop new and innovative means for tourism in Downtown Newburgh.
  8. Schedule monthly HNI board meetings and set the agenda with the President of the board.
  9. Coordinate the activity of HNI committees, ensuring that communication among committees is well established; assist committee volunteers with implementation of work plans.
  10. Develop and conduct on-going public awareness and education programs designed to enhance appreciation of downtown’s assets and to foster an understanding of HNI’s program’s and objectives.  Use speaking engagements, media interviews and personal appearances to keep the program in the public eye.
  11. Assess the management capacity of major downtown organizations and encourage improvements in the downtown community’s ability to carry out joint activities such as promotional events, advertising, appropriate store hours, special events, business assistance, business recruitment and retention.  Provide advice and information on successful downtown management and encourage a cooperative climate among downtown interest and public officials.
  12. Help build strong, productive working relationships among the Newburgh Town Council, business owners, citizens, landowners, nonprofit organizations and the Newburgh community.
  13. Attend Newburgh Town Council meetings, Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) meetings and other HNI committee meetings as needed.
  14. Represent Historic Newburgh, Inc. to important constituencies at the local, state and national levels.  Speak effectively on the program’s direction and work, mindful of the need to improve state and national economic development policies as they relate to commercial districts.
  15. Make presentations to the Newburgh Town Council on HNI activities at least twice a year.
  16. Plan and execute TV23 Magazine shows
  17. Network with community organizations at least twice per month about the benefits of membership in and partnership with HNI.
  18. Attend at least one yearly Indiana Main Street regional workshop or community exchange.


Proficiency in public speaking, Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel required. Knowledge of QuickBooks, social media management, Constant Contact E-mail marketing and content management of website also required.

Please forward a cover letter and résumé  to

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