The relationship between us and our dogs is a bond that is hard to explain. Without being able to speak to each other, we are able to communicate how much we love each other. Dogs just know stuff. Through their sense of smell, they can sense our presence way before they can actually see us.

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Because of their keen sense of hearing and smell, they are able to smell our scent and know that we are somewhere close, even though we have given them no indication that we are in the same area.

My little dog, Lola, does that to Quenton and me all the time. She knows when he has pulled into the driveway before she can see his truck, and she knows when he is walking toward the house without seeing him at the door.

We also play hide and seek with her, in the house, and she always knows what room we're in even with the door shut. It always amazes us that she is so tuned into our smell.

I found a video on Rumble that made me think of Lola. In this video, Reilly has no idea that her owner is in the house. He hasn't been living in the house because the family is in the process of moving. Reilly has been living with her other owner in a different city.

The dog has no idea that he is hiding in the house. It's a surprise that he's even there. As soon as she comes in, she knows he's there and starts looking for him. I love it.

Here is how the video came about from the couple who own the dog.

...Reilly is a very smart dog so we like to get her brain working by playing Hide 'n Seek. Without even saying anything to the dog to let her know I was home, Reilly's nose went to work outside the door. I walked all around the apartment to get my smell to be everywhere, which is why at the beginning of the video she is off-screen sniffing in the other rooms. You can see in the video she smells my scent but you can also see her excitement with her because she knows I am somewhere in the apartment. The end result was her finding me and being so happy that I was home. I, myself, was tearing up with this reunion with the dog that has changed my life.



[Viral Hog via Rumble]

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