Who says you can't have a milkshake for breakfast?

Growing up, I'd eat cereal for breakfast every day. One of my favorite parts was whenever I finished the cereal, I got to drink the cereal flavored milk left in the bowl. Sure, chocolate milk is great, but it's got nothing on Fruity Pebble or Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavored milk. One Henderson restaurant has taken the concept of that and put its own twist on it by creating a new line of milkshakes that cereal lovers will jump at the bit to try.

Cereal Milkshakes at The Dairette

The Dairette in Henderson is a great place to grab a burger, fries, and a milkshake with your friends or family. They get pretty creative with their ice cream and milkshakes too. I went there last year and tried one of their Extreme Milkshakes called the Bedrock Baby, which is Dreamsicle Shake w/ Fruitty Pebbles, topped w/ dollop of soft serve, Confetti Muffins, and whip cream. It is one of many unique and delicious milkshakes they offer.

Travis Sams
Travis Sams

Now, The Dairette has stepped up their game with a new line of milkshakes that everyone in the whole family will love. They've combined their signature milkshakes with some of the most iconic cereals of all time to create ”Cereal Shakes”.

Currently, they have six different kinds of cereal milkshakes that they are serving up. These include Trix, Peanut Butter Puffs, Cap'n Crunch, Oreos, Apple Jacks, and Coco Pebbles!

Now, I don't know if these will be served for a limited time only or if they will be a new permanent menu item, but I am ready to make a trip to Henderson to try them out. However, if I can use my platform to make one request for a minute, I think it would be great if they added a seventh cereal shake with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. THAT would be the way to win my heart. Either way, these new milkshakes will surely be a hit. Let us know which one you like best if you try them out.

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