It's a bit crazy to see how much you've changed since your senior year in high school! 

The #SeniorPhotoChallenge is where you take a photo from your senior year of high school, and then a photo of you today, and see how much you've changed. I decided to do it, and woah. I was a little shocked!

My senior year began 10 years ago, in Fall of '08, and I graduated May in '09 I also was like the last person ever to get my senior photos done, I think it was like April 2009 when I got them done haha! So these aren't quite exactly 10 years apart, but close enough! They're about 9.5 years apart.

Here's the senior photo that was on the invites to all of my graduation party invites haha! Notice my pirate ship necklace (why??) and weird leather bracelet I got in Florida that year haha! I have to say, I think my style has improved slightly since then, only slightly though! And my hair has gotten redder.

(Greg Bannister/Simply Saavy Photo)

And here's another one (fun fact we started taking my senior photos in March, and I was sick so this next one I was super pale, and you can tell I don't feel good) But check out my guitar! I took lessons from the time I was 15, and stuck with it until my senior year, but when I left for college I left my guitars at home and that was the end of that haha! I still do love Metallica though....

Greg Bannister/Simply Saavy Photo

The biggest thing I notice is how thin I was! While I was pretty thin my senior year, I am actually much healthier now, I eat a (mostly, sometimes you gotta treat yo self) balanced diet, and I workout regularly.  Melissa in the first photo didn't even know what lifting weights was haha!

Oh and for funsies, here's Travis! Oh man those bangs...

Travis Sams

I'd say that like a fine wine, we both have gotten better with age haha!

What about you??  How much have you changed??