Next time you go to one of the Tri-State's Hacienda locations, you might notice something a little different during your dining experience. Typically, when you go out to eat at an establishment like that, you order your drinks and they bring them out to you along with a straw. That will no longer be the case at Hacienda. You'll still get your drinks, you just won't get a straw.

Macro closeup of iced tea or soda with ice cubes and straw in glass

Hacienda will no longer be handing out straws with their drinks in an effort to save the environment. The problem with straws is that they do not break down easily when they are thrown away. This causes them to pollute the oceans and landfills. According to 44News,  "Hacienda says this small change could make a big difference by not sending as many straws to the landfill

Now, if you prefer to drink that margarita or soda with a straw, they are still available upon request at all Hacienda restaurants.

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