It seems like every day is national something day. You have National Pug day, Pancake day, banana day, white sneaker day, replace your coaster day, national you get the point I'm making day. Today, is a kinda cool day that takes me back to when I was a kid.


Smell is tops: Collecting stickers that smell when scratched; change color when rubbed or are just p... : News Photo

Yes! According to the website National Day Calendar, National Sticker Day is in honor of R. Stanton Avery, who was the creator of the removable backing on a adhesive label. His birthday was January 13. Even though there were a type of sticker that was done by the Europeans in 1880, Avery perfected this .

"But really Mary, stickers are for kids. I haven't used a sticker in years." I would believe this, but I don't. If you have some sport decal on your vehicle, ta DA!!!! Stickers. Used  stamp? Sticker. I have plenty of stickers, I  craft. Which is almost a hazard. But the best and the worst stickers were the scratch and sniff ones.

Can you smell the one that was popcorn?


What about the stinky skunk? It was a stink that you hated to get.


Take some time and enjoy your child hood, and think about the possible sticker book you used to have.


Lastly, I want to say today is also another special birthday. My sweet great nephew Bralyn is 2 today. Happy Birthday sweetie!!! Aunt Mary loves you!

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