If you think you know WWE Superstars' theme songs, we are going to put you to the test all this week for the chance to win Raw Tickets at the Ford Center!

Ethan Miller / Getty Images
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

For the first time since 1997, WWE Monday Night Raw will be broadcasting LIVE from the Ford Center on Monday, June 19th! You will get to see all of your favorite Raw Superstars like Roman Reigns, Fin Balor, Bayley, Seth Rollins, Sasha Banks, and more LIVE in Evansville! Here's the cool thing: we want YOU to win a pair of tickets by knowing Superstars' entrance music. Easy right?

For copyright purposes, we can't actually play these in a YouTube video, so we had to get a little creative to make this a little challenging for you. So Melissa and I decided that we should simply hum the theme songs and have you guess them. This may make things a little difficult as we are not professional hummers, so listen carefully to try to guess the theme song!

Here's how it works, each day this week at 10 AM, we will post a new video. You will have 5PM that day to guess the theme song by filling out the form below the video. At 5 PM, Melissa will randomly select one winner who guessed the theme song correctly. Good luck!!!

DAY 2:

Congrats to our winner David!


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