Gloriana premiered their 'Can't Shake You' video worldwide this week. In the climatic clip, the band keep the dynamics going with their powerful music and lyrics, just as they did with their previous hit '(Kissed You) Good Night.'

The three band members -- Tom Gossin, Mike Gossin and Rachel Reinhart -- have their own storylines going in the video, each based around the one person in their life they can't quite "shake."

The Gossin brothers perform at a night club, as lead vocalist Tom tosses aside a flower from his keyboard that holds a significant memory of his past love. Between shots, Gossin has his breakdown in his dressing room, trying to figure out why it is that he can't move on.

Meanwhile, Reinhart has her own moment in a dark parking lot, as she clutches onto a black leather jacket that belongs to her ex-boyfriend. As she sings her parts, her former flame appears and moves in for one final kiss. But when he reaches for her face and she turns the other cheek, he disappears.

Mike Gossin's B-roll footage has him perched on his motorcycle across from his girl, who later we find out is also just a memory playing tricks with his mind. She disappears as well, but not before he clutches onto a heart locket that he hasn't been able to part with since their breakup.

But all three pull together and are able to put those sentimental objects into a garbage can fire, finally putting the memories behind them.

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