The Gibson County Sheriff's Office releases the detour route for motorists as crews work to clean up Sunday night's train derailment.

Authorities involved in the investigation and clean up say the process will likely take some time (meaning days) before the area is returned to normal which has forced the closure of several roads along Highway 41.

These closures are already having an impact on businesses in the area according to Joe Bird from Eyewitness News.

In an effort to minimize the impact on traffic as much as possible, the Sheriff's Office has announced the following detour routes:

  • Northbound: S.R. 68 EB to I-69 NB, I-69 NB to S.R. 64 WB, S.R. 64 WB to U.S. 41 NB
  • Southbound: S.R. 64 EB to I-69 SB, I-69 SB to S.R. 68 WB, S.R. 68 WB to U.S. 41 SB

The Sheriff's Office also stated that "crews are unable to provide a timeline for reopening U.S. 41" and encourages residents and motorists to "check with their local emergency management agency and employers for further information about the incident and instructions concerning routes to work facilities."

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