While going about my ordinary day, there have been times I have felt like I'm not alone. Sometimes it's in the car, during my long commute, driving to and from work. Other times it's in my yard or the house. It's a feeling that someone or something else is near.

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The only way I can describe it is that it's like pressure in the air around you. It's nothing too much, just a slight difference in a directional sense. Have you ever felt someone behind you and that turned around and there was actually someone standing there? It's that feeling. But, sometimes you look in the direction of the feeling, and there is no one there.

During my time writing about such feelings and paranormal activity, I have come across instances where there is no feeling and no one there until you look at a photo. That is when you can see a figure, one that gave no noise, or feeling of pressure.

Most of the time, much to the surprise of the people in the photo and the person who took the photo, sometimes a ghostly figure shows up.

Much like a photo and a story I came across that involved a neighborhood in KY, three houses, several families, and multiple hanging moments. The photo was taken several years ago, with no photoshop alteration to the original photograph. The only thing that was used on the photo was a coloration filter to try and get a better look at the ghostly image.

Amanda Merila/Facebook
Amanda Merila/Facebook

Some look at the photo and say it's a lens and shutter issue involving a third person in the picture, while others see something ghostly that is eerily lurking around a grandmother and her granddaughter in a house with a history of sightings.

Here is what Amanda says about her family photo.

This was taken in Melbourne, KY and there was no one else in the picture when he took it except his sister and her granddaughter. We have dealt with hauntings between our houses for as long as we can remember. This photo still gives me chills every time I see it. I don't think there is any way to dispute what it is...many stories... between the three houses...all three homes are incredibly close together. This (the photo) was taken in their family home on the next street over from mine. The house itself dates back to about 1900. - Amanda Merila

Amanda, her family, and others in her neighborhood believe there are dark spiritual attachments around them. They have lived with unusual and scary things happening. This is a photo taken of her and her brother in 1987.

Amanda Merila/Facebook
Amanda Merila/Facebook
Amanda Merila/Facebook
Amanda Merila/Facebook

This is Melbourne in about 1987. Me and my brother. The house is torn down after the flood of 97 but is literally a stone's throw from my house now, which was my grandparent's house. I have activity here as well, you said it in an encompassing way, to where the article is very spot on. Lol, my mother calls me the ghost whisperer. When I was a little girl where this photograph was taken, I saw a man sitting in the middle of the couch with his legs crossed staring at me. My mom kept telling me no one was there and I kept trying to call it her to get behind her back and hide. There was toilet paper that my mom used to stack on top of the refrigerator. Something is thrown a bunch of rolls at her. She would never stay there alone when my dad was at work. She would pack us kids up and bring us here (my grandparent's house that I live in now). My aunt had played with an Ouija board there and it was saying disturbing things so they threw it in the fire barrel outside. Some odd things happened to my aunt's when they live there before us. Yes, it is fine if you use the photo. - Amanda Merila

Whether you believe Amanda and her family, or not, isn't the issue. Please be respectful in your opinions of the photos.

The photos caught my eye immediately. Although I'm always skeptical of photos like these, after corresponding with Amanda and reading her stories about the photos, they became even more interesting. Amanda consulted a psychic about the first photo, who confirmed the feeling of a spirit.

I've said many times before that the spirit is in the eye of the beholder. If you do not believe or accepts that ghosts and spirits are a part of our reality, you won't think the photo is a real account of a spiritual moment. But, if you do, it opens your eyes even wider to the paranormal possibilities.

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